Delta fauna

Danube Delta is a true fauna's paradise. Here lives 98% from european aquatic fauna

Delta flora

Represent about 1/3 from total of species knew in Romania's flora
Sulina beach

It's a natural beach with rafined sand


     You can take the plane to reach Bucharest or Constanta, then by car, bus or train until Tulcea. If you choose your personal car, you can leave it in a guarded parking, downtown of Tulcea, for only 1 euro/day. From here a boat provides the only access.

     There are two regular courses that connect Tulcea & Sulina, the embarkment place being 200 m far from the parking place described above.



  • The second boat is slower (Passenger) and it takes 4 hours to reach Sulina, but it has a restaurant, a bar and the price is only 4 euro/person. The departure is at 14 o'clock and we'll waiting for you there.

BEWARE: The departure hours can change, preliminary information is very important!



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