Delta fauna

Danube Delta is a true fauna's paradise. Here lives 98% from european aquatic fauna

Delta flora

Represent about 1/3 from total of species knew in Romania's flora
Sulina beach

It's a natural beach with rafined sand

About us

     Some people may ask : why Romania ? Why choose the Danube Delta, the Dobrogea region or the Black Sea coast riviera as a holiday destination ?

     Let us show you below some of the reasons why !

     A sojourn in our country will be a very pleasant and unforgettable experience every single moment of it, due to the natural wonders that will surround you most of the time and to the kindness and hospitality of the people you will meet throughout your journey.

     Far away from the pollution of the big cities and daily life's stress, you will enjoy unique moments in a beautiful and wild area situated in the middle of Europe, the Danube Delta, benefiting from the full comfort offered by the touris's infrastructure of our agency, with fine assets as transport and accommodation capacities.

     The Danube Delta, situated where the Danube flows into the Black Sea, is the largest wetland area of the Central Europe. Built from the sediments brought by the river into an old gulf of the Black Sea during the last few thousand years, it is the “youngest” part of the Romanian territory. Inside the Danube Delta, between the three main branches of the river, Chilia, Sulina and Sfantu Gheorghe, there are numerous streams, channels, marshes, backwaters, lakes and a few stretches of land areas (riverine and marine levees).

     Its main attraction is the extraordinary biodiversity, with rich vegetation and many animal species concentrated on a relatively small area, maybe the last untamed region of Europe, a real wildlife sanctuary. The vegetation includes more than 1100 species, with the predominance of the water vegetation, with high and thick reed beds, one of the largest in the world, including floating reed beds islands. White- and yellow – water lilies cover the surface of many lakes, the channels are “ guarded “ by willow trees and poplars.

      At this magnificent end of the world, far away from the flurry of the big cities, the Maxim Pension stays here for you to enjoy a perfect vacation in the Danube Delta. 

So join us for an exceptional journey in the untamed heart of the Danube Delta.

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